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Commercial Lines Account Manager (Full-Time)

Commercial Lines Assistant (Full-Time)

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Why Join Us:  

With a legacy spanning over 60 years, Fleis Insurance stands as a beacon of reliability in the insurance industry. Our dedication goes beyond providing exceptional services to clients; we are equally committed to impacting our community positively. As we continue a strategic path of growth and expansion, we uphold our unique family feel, ensuring all team members find a sense of belonging and purpose. At Fleis Insurance, we're not just offering a job; we're inviting you to be a part of something that impacts lives and communities. Here's why you should consider joining us: 

  • Rewarding Compensation and Comprehensive Benefits: Enjoy a competitive package that includes health, life, and disability insurance, a minimum of 3 weeks PTO for full-time staff, paid holidays, and various opportunities for bonuses. 
  • Investment in Your Future: Take advantage of our 401(k) with a guaranteed safe harbor employer contribution, ensuring your future is as secure as the clients we serve. 
  • Professional Growth and Recognition: Receive due recognition for your contributions through our growth bonus and anniversary bonus schemes. Experience structured professional development, with regular pay reviews to ensure your career progression is on track. 
  • Work-Life Harmony: Our office hours are designed to support a balanced lifestyle, with a shorter workday on Fridays and team-building events that cultivate a strong sense of community. 
  • Culture of Care: Thrive in a supportive workplace that upholds a family feel, where empathy and positive relationships are nurtured. 
  • Making a Difference: Feel fulfilled knowing your work extends beyond the office through our commitment to community involvement and local initiatives. 

Embarking on a career with Fleis Insurance isn’t just about finding a new job. It's about becoming a vital part of a legacy that’s built on integrity, service, and community. It's about charting a course together toward shared success and mutual growth. As you step into your role on our team, you're not filling a position; you're asserting yourself into a narrative of success and reliability that spans over six decades. Here, your voice is heard, your contributions matter, and your personal growth never takes a back seat. 

But beyond personal and professional growth, you're stepping into a circle of care. Our family-centric approach means you gain more than colleagues – you find friends, mentors, and a support system that values your individuality and champions your successes. Our community outreach initiatives mean your everyday work ripples outward, contributing to a safer, happier, and healthier community. 

We understand that change is constant, and we're not just adapting; we're leading the charge. So, bring your insights, your aspirations, and your drive, and join us in an adventure of resilience — shaping solutions, fostering relationships, and making every day better than the last for our clients and for each other. 

If you're ready to be more than an employee, to influence, inspire, and make a mark, Fleis Insurance is ready for you. Apply today and let’s begin this exciting journey together toward a future where your ideas lead to impact, and your hard work is met with recognition and gratitude. 

Commercial Lines Account Manager (Full-Time)
About the Role:  

As a Commercial Lines Account Manager, you'll be the cornerstone in nurturing and expanding our client base. This role isn't just about managing accounts; it's about delivering on our promise to provide extraordinary service and forging lasting relationships. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Sustain and elevate the customer experience, serving an integral role in growing the client book through outstanding service, education, and proactive engagement. 
  • Conduct thorough account reviews, identifying opportunities for account rounding and revenue growth, while maintaining a 90% retention rate. 
  • Be an ambassador of the Fleis brand, educating clients on the benefits and coverages, and generating referrals across departments. 
  • Master the art of service recovery, reaching out to canceled businesses to regain their trust and patronage.
  • Spearhead initiatives for operational efficiency, streamlining processes, and utilizing technology to enhance productivity and service quality. 
  • Play an active role in agency marketing and branding efforts, contributing ideas and participating in community outreach and branding opportunities. 

​Your Contribution to the Team Includes: 

  • Ability to navigate complex scenarios with professionalism and a customer-first approach. 
  • Eagerness to collaborate, echoing the principle of seeking help when needed and contributing positively to the team's dynamics. 
  • Adaptability and resilience, particularly when navigating change or adopting new strategies. 
  • Alignment with the agency’s values of family, loyalty, effectiveness, integrity, and service to the community. 

​​What We Expect from You: 

  • At least 2 years of experience in the commercial insurance industry, with a commitment to obtaining an insurance license if not currently licensed. 
  • Strong ability to communicate effectively, manage complex client portfolios, and respond with urgency and empathy. 
  • Proactive attitude in identifying growth opportunities and enhancing client relationships. 
  • Tech-savvy with an emphasis on enhancing efficiency through technology. 

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Commercial Lines Assistant (Full-Time)
About the Role:

In the role of Commercial Lines Assistant, you are the backbone of our team, providing critical support to our agents and account managers. Your focus will be on efficient data management, facilitating smooth client service operations, and directly contributing to the productivity and effectiveness of our team. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Begin each day by managing policy downloads, ensuring that all documents are promptly and accurately integrated into our systems for immediate accessibility by agents and account managers.  
  • Take charge of sorting, distributing, and attaching commercial lines mail, ensuring no delay in information relay and response actions. 
  • Proactively handle client account updates, particularly focusing on cancellation/reinstatement data, ensuring accuracy in daily cancellation reports. 
  • Diligently process audit, dividend, and carrier information requests, organizing and distributing the necessary materials to the appropriate parties without delay. 
  • Collaborate closely with account managers, taking on permissible tasks to free up their schedules for more specialized client service activities. 
  • Continuously strive for greater operational efficiency by streamlining processes, maximizing the use of technological tools, and minimizing distractions. 
  • Uphold a positive attitude, maintaining healthy and productive working relationships with both clients and agency personnel. 

 Your Contribution to the Team Includes: 

  • Act as a reliable point of support for the team, aiding in various tasks and promoting a cohesive, efficient work environment. 
  • Engage in proactive problem-solving, willingly taking on additional tasks as needed to ensure uninterrupted service quality. 
  • Alignment with the agency’s values of family, loyalty, effectiveness, integrity, and service to the community.

What We Expect from You: 

  • Prior experience in a similar role within the commercial insurance sphere is advantageous. 
  • Adeptness in handling various data management systems, particularly relating to policy and client account management. 
  • Exceptional organizational skills, enabling you to handle multiple tasks efficiently in a fast-paced setting. 
  • Strong interpersonal skills, promoting effective communication and solid relationships with clients and team members. 
  • A proactive mindset with a focus on continual self-improvement and operational efficiency. 

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